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Group performance summary / BlackRock

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    151 funds
    Rank ChartFund Focus Sector BidOffer1m 3m 6m 1y 3y 5y  
    1[+]chartACS Europe ex UK ESG Insights Equity X1 FP Acc GBPEquityEurope Excluding UK136.26136.463.05.612.212.5n/an/aadd to basket
    2[+]chartACS Japan ESG Insights Equity X1 FP Acc GBPEquityJapan120.35120.71-1.0-0.110.511.4n/an/aadd to basket
    3[+]chartACS North America ESG Insights Equity X1 FP Acc GBPEquityNorth America126.63126.682.54.615.622.9n/an/aadd to basket
    4[+]chartACS UK ESG Insights Equity X1 FP AccEquityUK All Companies127.85128.605.710.415.812.6n/an/aadd to basket
    5[+]chartACS US ESG Insights Equity X1 FP Acc GBPEquityNorth America127.40127.452.54.815.924.2n/an/aadd to basket
    6[+]chartAquila Life FTSE Custom Climate Index S1 Acc GBPEquityGlobal230.652.44.5n/an/an/an/aadd to basket
    7[+]chartBlackRock Absolute Return Bond DFixed InterestTargeted Absolute Return121.54122. to basket
    8[+]chartBlackRock ACS 30:70 Global Equity Tracker X1 AccEquityGlobal178.08178.625.97.215.920.326.261.5add to basket
    9[+]chartBlackRock ACS 50:50 Global Equity Tracker X1 AccEquityGlobal162.18162.833.97.213.714.028.149.2add to basket
    10[+]chartBlackRock ACS 60:40 Global Equity Tracker X1 AccEquityGlobal158.30158.994.27.813.913.728.346.6add to basket
    11[+]chartBlackRock ACS Climate Transition World Equity X1EquityGlobal159.39159.533.04.114.719.835.6n/aadd to basket
    12[+]chartBlackRock ACS Continental European Equity Tracker X1 AccEquityEurope Excluding UK167.94168. to basket
    13[+]chartBlackRock ACS Japan Equity Tracker X1 AccEquityJapan154.12154.43-1.5-0.89.311.219.942.4add to basket
    14[+]chartBlackRock ACS Lifepath 2022-2024 X1Mixed AssetMixed Investment 20-60% Shares119.79119.851. to basket
    15[+]chartBlackRock ACS Lifepath 2025-2027 X1Mixed AssetMixed Investment 40-85% Shares124.53124.622.12.87.810.81.921.4add to basket
    16[+]chartBlackRock ACS Lifepath 2028-2030 X1Mixed AssetMixed Investment 40-85% Shares129.09129. to basket
    17[+]chartBlackRock ACS Lifepath 2031-2033 X1Mixed AssetMixed Investment 40-85% Shares133.44133.552.53.39.513.16.829.9add to basket
    18[+]chartBlackRock ACS Lifepath 2034-2036 X1Mixed AssetMixed Investment 40-85% Shares137.82137.952.63.510. to basket
    19[+]chartBlackRock ACS Lifepath 2037-2039 X1Mixed AssetMixed Investment 40-85% Shares142.93143.062.83.711.015.011.839.2add to basket
    20[+]chartBlackRock ACS Lifepath 2040-2042 X1Mixed AssetMixed Investment 40-85% Shares148.22148.382.94.011.816.214.844.3add to basket
    21[+]chartBlackRock ACS Lifepath 2043-2045 X1Mixed AssetFlexible Investment153.51153.683.24.212.517.317.649.4add to basket
    22[+]chartBlackRock ACS Lifepath 2046-2048 X1Mixed AssetFlexible Investment158.62158.793.34.413.418.320.454.4add to basket
    23[+]chartBlackRock ACS Lifepath 2049-2051 X1Mixed AssetFlexible Investment161.93162.143.44.613.919.122.257.4add to basket
    24[+]chartBlackRock ACS Lifepath 2052-2054 X1Mixed AssetFlexible Investment164.44164.663.54.814.319.723.759.8add to basket
    25[+]chartBlackRock ACS LifePath 2055-2057 X1 AccMixed AssetFlexible Investment119.29119.443.64.814.620.0n/an/aadd to basket
    26[+]chartBlackRock ACS UK Equity Tracker X1 AccEquityUK All Companies139.22140.115.39.813.710.824.331.9add to basket
    27[+]chartBlackRock ACS World ESG Equity Tracker T2EquityGlobal130.25130.393. to basket
    28[+]chartBlackrock ACS World ESG Insights Equity X1 Acc GBPEquityGlobal135.43135.553.05.215.520.437.3n/aadd to basket
    29[+]chartBlackRock ACS World ESG Screened Equity Tracker Class X1 GBP AccEquityGlobal150.68150.803.44.915.823.141.0n/aadd to basket
    30[+]chartBlackRock ACS World ex UK Equity Tracker X1 AccEquityGlobal220.18220.343.04.514.921.937.680.5add to basket
    31[+]chartBlackRock ACS World Low Carbon EQ Tracker X2EquityGlobal199.09199.313.44.615.021.536.377.5add to basket
    32[+]chartBlackRock ACS World Multifactor Equity Tracker X1 AccEquityGlobal176.05176.271.64.314.218.729.962.5add to basket
    33[+]chartBlackRock ACS World Multifactor ESG Equity Tracker X1EquityGlobal168.56168.752.43.713.619.137.4n/aadd to basket
    34[+]chartBlackRock ACS World Small Cap ESG Screened Equity Tracker X1RA AccEquityGlobal110.45110.742.93.714.3n/an/an/aadd to basket
    35[+]chartBlackRock ACS2 Futurewise 2023-27 X1 Acc GBPMixed AssetFlexible Investment115.14115.642.42.98.812.1n/an/aadd to basket
    36[+]chartBlackRock ACS2 Futurewise 2028-32 X1 Acc GBPMixed AssetFlexible Investment121.17121.482.94.312.316.5n/an/aadd to basket
    37[+]chartBlackRock ACS2 Futurewise 2033-37 X1 Acc GBPMixed AssetFlexible Investment125.40125.563.35.415.019.8n/an/aadd to basket
    38[+]chartBlackRock ACS2 Futurewise Early Days X1 Acc GBPMixed AssetFlexible Investment125.71125.903.45.515.119.9n/an/aadd to basket
    39[+]chartBlackRock ACS2 Futurewise Retirement X1 Acc GBPMixed AssetFlexible Investment113.21113.742.32.57.811.0n/an/aadd to basket
    40[+]chartBlackRock Aquila Life (40:60) Gbl EqEquityGlobal863.95866.283.96.614.618.034.7n/aadd to basket
    41[+]chartBlackRock Aquila Life Curr Hdg European Eq IndEquityEurope Excluding UK4,454.534,462.10n/an/an/an/an/an/aadd to basket
    42[+]chartBlackRock Aquila Life Curr Hdg MSCI Wld Min Vol IndEquityGlobal292.80293.24n/an/an/an/an/an/aadd to basket
    43[+]chartBlackRock Aquila Life Curr Hdg Pac Rim Eq IndEquityAsia Pacific Excluding Japan3,265.653,275.79n/an/an/an/an/an/aadd to basket
    44[+]chartBlackRock Aquila Life Curr Hdg US Eq IndEquityNorth America5,317.965,322.21n/an/an/an/an/an/aadd to basket
    45[+]chartBlackRock Aquila Life FTSE Dev Core InfrastructureEquityInfrastructure316.93317.25n/an/an/an/an/an/aadd to basket
    46[+]chartBlackRock Aquila Life Israel Eq IndEquityGlobal Emerging Markets424.03425. to basket
    47[+]chartBlackRock Aquila Life Market AdvantageMixed AssetMixed Investment 20-60% Shares289.67290.13n/an/an/an/an/an/aadd to basket
    48[+]chartBlackRock Aquila Life Over 25 Y UK Ind.Fixed InterestUK Index Linked Gilts797.20797.44n/an/an/an/an/an/aadd to basket
    49[+]chartBlackRock Aquila Life World (Ex UK) Equity IndexEquityGlobal1,117.931,118.93n/an/an/an/an/an/aadd to basket
    50[+]chartBlackRock Armed Forces Charities Growth & Income A Acc GBPMixed AssetMixed Investment 40-85% Shares463.18466. to basket
    51[+]chartBlackRock Asia D AccEquityAsia Pacific Excluding Japan208.12208.964. to basket
    52[+]chartBlackRock Balanced Growth Portfolio D AccMixed AssetMixed Investment 40-85% Shares513.47515.113.85.311.911.613.442.9add to basket
    53[+]chartBlackRock BCIF Balanced Managed A Inst Acc GBPMixed AssetMixed Investment 40-85% Shares276.803.85.211.911.610.138.5add to basket
    54[+]chartBlackRock BlackRock Life 70/30 Global GrowthEquityGlobal275.76277.18n/an/an/an/an/an/aadd to basket
    55[+]chartBlackRock BlackRock Life LifePath 2049-2051Mixed AssetFlexible Investment89.2189.33n/an/an/an/an/an/aadd to basket
    56[+]chartBlackRock BlackRock LL - Aquila Life Curr. Hdg Gbl. Dev. Fundament. Weighted Ind.EquityGlobal309.74310.29n/an/an/an/an/an/aadd to basket
    57[+]chartBlackRock Cash D AccMoney MarketShort Term Money Market261.69261.690. to basket
    58[+]chartBlackRock Catholic Charities Growth & Income A Acc GBPMixed AssetMixed Investment 40-85% Shares245.46246.643. to basket
    59[+]chartBlackRock Charities Growth & Income A Dis GBPMixed AssetMixed Investment 40-85% Shares110.30110.613. to basket
    60[+]chartBlackRock Consensus 100 DEquityGlobal369.91369.913.45.614.518.833.768.1add to basket
    61[+]chartBlackRock Consensus 35 DMixed AssetMixed Investment 0-35% Shares153.32153.321. to basket
    62[+]chartBlackRock Consensus 60 DMixed AssetMixed Investment 20-60% Shares176.75176.752. to basket
    63[+]chartBlackRock Consensus 70 DMixed AssetMixed Investment 40-85% Shares197.66197.662. to basket
    64[+]chartBlackRock Consensus 85 DMixed AssetMixed Investment 40-85% Shares308.66308.663.14.910.712.418.236.1add to basket
    65[+]chartBlackRock Continental European D AccEquityEurope Excluding UK5,320.485,332.831.1-1.615.112.425.095.1add to basket
    66[+]chartBlackRock Continental European Income D AccEquityEurope Excluding UK329.58330. to basket
    67[+]chartBlackRock Corporate Bond 1 to 10 Year DFixed InterestSterling Corporate Bond154.581. to basket
    68[+]chartBlackRock Corporate Bond D AccFixed InterestSterling Corporate Bond352.11353.521. to basket
    69[+]chartBlackRock Developed Markets Sustainable Equity D AccEquityGlobal270.25270.543.85.916.116.716.736.4add to basket
    70[+]chartBlackRock Developed World Fossil Fuel Screened Index L Acc GBPEquityGlobal150.003.44.715.421.936.1n/aadd to basket
    71[+]chartBlackRock Dynamic Allocation D AccMixed AssetSpecialist126.33126.403.03.68.710.64.620.2add to basket
    72[+]chartBlackRock Dynamic Diversified Growth D AccMixed AssetSpecialist173.49174. to basket
    73[+]chartBlackRock Emerging Markets D AccEquityGlobal Emerging Markets630.16632.754. to basket
    74[+]chartBlackRock ESG Strategic Growth DMixed AssetSpecialist124.962. to basket
    75[+]chartBlackRock European Absolute Alpha D AccEquityTargeted Absolute Return187.81187.93-0.8- to basket
    76[+]chartBlackRock European Dynamic D AccEquityEurope Excluding UK1,165.661, to basket
    77[+]chartBlackRock Gbl 3000 Fundament Wght IndEquityGlobal461.47462.44n/an/an/an/an/an/aadd to basket
    78[+]chartBlackRock Global Corporate ESG Insights Bond X Acc GBPFixed InterestGlobal Bonds109.581. to basket
    79[+]chartBlackRock Global Equity DEquityGlobal431.45431.454.37.614.916.932.856.3add to basket
    80[+]chartBlackRock Global Income D AccEquityGlobal Equity Income323.53324.172.23.611.112.425.747.7add to basket
    81[+]chartBlackRock Global Unconstrained Equity (UK) DEquityGlobal187.34187.551.00.914.517.550.3n/aadd to basket
    82[+]chartBlackRock Gold & General D AccCommodity/EnergySpecialist1,446.601,457.974. to basket
    83[+]chartBlackRock Growth & Recovery A IncEquityUK Smaller Companies998.501, to basket
    84[+]chartBlackRock iShares Continental European Equity ESG Index (UK) D Acc GBPEquityEurope Excluding UK120.783.45.614.214.2n/an/aadd to basket
    85[+]chartBlackRock iShares ESG Sterling Corporate Bond Index (UK) Class D AccFixed InterestSterling Corporate Bond87.700. to basket
    86[+]chartBlackRock iShares Japan Equity ESG Index (UK) D Acc GBPEquityJapan117.05-1.2-0.610.111.6n/an/aadd to basket
    87[+]chartBlackRock iShares UK Equity ESG Index (UK) D Acc GBPEquityUK All Companies117.615.910.114.512.3n/an/aadd to basket
    88[+]chartBlackRock iShares US Equity ESG Index (UK) D Acc GBPEquityNorth America126.213.34.915.726.0n/an/aadd to basket
    89[+]chartBlackRock Life Dynamic Allocation I2 Acc GBPMixed AssetFlexible Investment58.2258.26n/an/an/an/an/an/aadd to basket
    90[+]chartBlackRock LifePath 2019-2021 PMixed AssetFlexible Investment64.2364.26n/an/an/an/an/an/aadd to basket
    91[+]chartBlackRock LifePath 2025-2027 PMixed AssetFlexible Investment68.3968.43n/an/an/an/an/an/aadd to basket
    92[+]chartBlackRock LifePath 2031-2033 PMixed AssetFlexible Investment73.3673.43n/an/an/an/an/an/aadd to basket
    93[+]chartBlackRock LifePath 2037-2039 PMixed AssetFlexible Investment78.8878.96n/an/an/an/an/an/aadd to basket
    94[+]chartBlackRock LifePath 2043-2045 PMixed AssetFlexible Investment84.8084.90n/an/an/an/an/an/aadd to basket
    95[+]chartBlackRock LifePath 2055-2057 PMixed AssetFlexible Investment90.7990.91n/an/an/an/an/an/aadd to basket
    96[+]chartBlackRock LifePath 2061-2063 PMixed AssetFlexible Investment90.9090.99n/an/an/an/an/an/aadd to basket
    97[+]chartBlackRock LL - Aquila Life Canadian Eq. Ind.EquityNorth America4,045.714,047.33-0.13.612.211.827.5n/aadd to basket
    98[+]chartBlackRock LL Aquila Life 5-15 Y Corporate Bond IndFixed InterestSterling Corporate Bond523.42527.09n/an/an/an/an/an/aadd to basket
    99[+]chartBlackRock LL Aquila Life Up To 5 Y Corporate Bond IndFixed InterestSterling Corporate Bond391.16392.73n/an/an/an/an/an/aadd to basket
    100[+]chartBlackRock Managed Volatility CMixed AssetVolatility Managed141.30151. to basket
    All prices in Pence Sterling (GBX) unless otherwise specified. Price total return performance figures are calculated on a bid price to bid price basis (mid to mid for OEICs) with net income (dividends) reinvested. Performance figures are shown in Sterling unless otherwise specified.
    Data provided by FE fundinfo. Care has been taken to ensure that the information is correct, but FE fundinfo neither warrants, represents nor guarantees the contents of information, nor does it accept any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, omissions or any inconsistencies herein. Past performance does not predict future performance, it should not be the main or sole reason for making an investment decision. The value of investments and any income from them can fall as well as rise.

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