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Fortune Graphite Inc. - Resignation of Avi Amar as a Director of Fortune

                         Fortune Graphite Inc. - FORT                          

                          "Fortune" or "the Company"                           

               Resignation of Avi Amar as a Director of Fortune                

                                2nd March, 2015                                


TORONTO, ONTARIO - (March 02, 2015) Fortune Graphite Inc. (GXG Markets: FORT)
(the "Company") The Board of Directors of Fortune Graphite Inc. (Fortune) is
pleased to announce that Avi Amar has resigned as a director with immediate

The Directors of the Company accept responsibility for this announcement

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About Fortune Graphite Inc.

Fortune Graphite Inc. is a Canadian company in British Columbia that identifies
valuable mining properties bearing Graphite Carbon, Gold, Silver & other
precious metals. The company has acquired a group of mineral claims in the
Slocan Mining Division; a known graphite mineral-bearing region of British
Columbia, Canada. The property is in an advanced stage of exploration. For
additional information on the company and its properties, please visit


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